An idea is nothing until it is executed

Thanks to its broad knowledge of the market, MC Engineering & Consulting operates in several industrial sectors with an identical focus on the customer in terms of technology and legality, finance, trade and administration. In addition to projects in the strict sense of the term, we can also manage and administer companies created in order to achieve the customer’s objectives.

Energy sector

MC Engineering & Consulting customises and imports into Russia and former Soviet Union countries: alternators, diesel engines for generators, motors for marine and river propulsion, heat and electricity cogeneration systems with gas motors, marine propulsion motors (complete with inverters/reducers, transmission and propeller) SKD (partially-assembled motors and alternators) and complete or partially-assembled generators.


Factories of transformers and their components, metal processing, aluminium foundries, factories for generators, biodiesel production, new cutting-edge technologies guaranteed by MC Engineering & Consulting.


MC Engineering & Consulting develops and establishes partnerships in a wide range of sectors, bringing its know-how with it.

Turn-key metal processing facility

The project was carried out thanks to a group of investors who showed an interest in an idea conceived by MC Engineering & Consulting for a specific industrial operation in Russia to be developed ex novo.

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Marine alternators

For this project, MC Engineering & Consulting identified a niche in the market which might apply to a particular product for the firm Soga, which manufactures marine alternators.

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Partnership e share tecnology

Following its participation in a sector trade fair, MC Engineering & Consulting had the opportunity to meet the customer, a Russian manufacturer in the energy sector producing electric substations, which was purchasing transformers on the European market.

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Trafo component

In the case of Trafo Component, MC Engineering & Consulting proved its ability to start up a firm in Italy which could export all over the world, thanks to the comprehensive skills we have acquired on foreign markets, particularly Russia.

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Partnership for concrete pumps

In the sphere of trade between Italy and Russia, MC Engineering & Consulting had the opportunity of actively participating in a project for manufacturing concrete pumps.

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Development of a commercial business

Having been contacted by an Italian manufacturer of professional hairdryers wishing to establish a commercial operation in Russia, MC Engineering & Consulting undertook to support the firm in its expansion into Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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MC’s expertise, structure
and managerial capacity allows us to

support any industrial project from conception to financial and legal sustainability, from administration to creation and distribution.

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