Marine alternators

For this project, MC Engineering & Consulting identified a niche in the market which might apply to a particular product for the firm Soga, which manufactures marine alternators.

MC Engineering & Consulting has supplied standard industrial alternators in Russia for several years, and identified a gap in the market that was interesting for its supplier; it proposed the production of alternators for marine applications, and specifically the certification of alternators in compliance with the regulations of the Russian Marine Register.

MC Engineering & Consulting undertook the entire process of certification of alternators with the Russian Register.  Both the Italian supplier and the alternators produced obtained Russian RMRS marine certification.

In this case, MC Engineering & Consulting took care of:

  • Identifying the market segment which needed a high-quality product.
  • Defining the technical specifications of the product to correspond with the demands of the market and the specific segment.
  • Investigating the relevant Russian legislation and regulations.
  • Deciding with the supplier how to adapt the product.
  • Handling all the procedures needed to obtain the certification.
  • Producing all the necessary technical documentation for customers in the market segment.
  • Identifying potential customers and establishing profitable relations with them, rapidly and comprehensively.

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