Partnership for concrete pumps

In the sphere of trade between Italy and Russia, MC Engineering & Consulting had the opportunity of actively participating in a project for manufacturing concrete pumps.

The customer manufactured logistics equipment for the military (mechanics workshops, hospitals, telecommunications centres, kitchens etc.) and wished to diversify into the civil sector. MC Engineering & Consulting’s knowledge of the markets allowed us to act as intermediary between the Russian firm and the Italian partner, achieving excellent results.

The phases of the operation were as follows:

  • Research and analysis of the Russian customer’s requirements.
  • Identification and research of a suitable Italian partner to provide the technologies necessary for fulfilling the brief.
  • Definition of the phases of the project and its technical feasibility.
  • Economic feasibility study.
  • Negotiations with the Russian customer and the Italian partner regarding these, in a wholly appropriate manner.
  • Drafting the contract.
  • Resolving all difficulties in a concrete, competent and collaborative manner.

The customer was so satisfied that MC Engineering & Consulting is still working with them on several other projects.

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