Turn-key metal processing facility

The project was carried out thanks to a group of investors who showed an interest in an idea conceived by MC Engineering & Consulting for a specific industrial operation in Russia to be developed ex novo.

MC’s turn-key proposal was to create an operation for specific metal processes as a third-party supplier, an activity which was not present in Russia.

This type of industrial processing is only possible with extremely expensive plant, and only certain types of firm are able to make such extensive investment.

Meanwhile there was a section of companies on the market who needed this type of processing, but were unable to purchase the necessary plant.  To solve this problem, the companies were obliged to carry out the processes using uncompetitive technologies or methods, or to purchase the semi-finished goods abroad, with considerable impact on the cost of the finished product.

In this case, MC Engineering & Consulting took care of:

  • Drafting a business plan, complete with a commercial development plan and investment plan.
  • Identifying and selecting the manufacturing plant necessary.
  • Planning the layout of the production line and the characteristics of the factory.
  • Selecting the suppliers and informing them of the technical specifications needed (required) ok for the installation.
  • Undertaking commercial negotiations with suppliers.
  • Defining the firm’s staffing structure and seeking and recruiting the appropriate personnel.
  • Staff training.
  • Start-up: production and supervision of operations

The project was so successful that the investors explored with MC Engineering & Consulting the possibility of extending the project with further investment and new production facilities.

MC’s expertise, structure
and managerial capacity allows us to

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