Engineering of
production lines

MC Engineering & Consulting helps you to set up a new production facility or fine-tune an existing activity to manufacture a more modern, more competitive product.

MC provides a comprehensive service which includes all technical, industrial, commercial and legal aspects of the production line: handling all the necessary elements allows the customer to make an informed decision with no unpleasant surprises.

Planning of production lines ensures efficiency and safety in the workplace. The secret is excellent preliminary planning, which makes it possible to reduce running costs and optimise the project itself, guaranteeing the customer a functional and high-quality technological asset.

A production line consists of various processes which are carried out by a series of machines. Such systems must be high-performing and consistent with the manufacturing process they serve.

The order and connections between one stage and the next, the processes, the transport of materials and products from one machine to another are all complex issues to be considered, analysed and resolved in order to achieve a production line that functions profitably and effectively.

What this consists of in detail:

  • Comprehensive support for investors seeking to improve or modernise existing manufacture, often involving the reorganisation of production processes and logistics.
  • Market surveys and real-life, optimised definition of the end product on the basis of the potential of the market itself; analysis of production costs and calculation of ROI.
  • Evaluation of plant needed to establish the production line.
  • Identification of appropriate suppliers for every individual project. Suppliers are chosen very carefully, by comparing the complexity of their manufacturing process and the flexibility of their products to the specifications identified by MC.
  • Taking on the entire execution of the project as Main Contractor: MC Engineering & Consulting is entrusted with full responsibility for planning and all the phases needed to carry out the task requested by the customer. The contract covers the purchase of plant, agreements with suppliers, general conditions and technical specifications, and the execution of the project requested by the customer.
  • Assistance with obtaining Russian certifications for goods and services, accreditation by the bodies and institutions of the Russian Federation, support in the procedures for acquiring resident status in the Free Economic Zones, with the consequent fiscal advantages.
  • Staff training: MC Engineering & Consulting organises training to help staff build on their skills relevant to the new production lines, improve safety, facilitate problem-solving and become familiar with the tools and machinery by making the necessary technical know-how available, thus optimising the use of machinery.

MC’s expertise, structure
and managerial capacity allows us to

support any industrial project from conception to financial and legal sustainability, from administration to creation and distribution.

We make worlds possible where they seem impossible.

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