Location of partnerships and coordination of joint ventures in Europe for Russian technology companies.

To keep abreast of the changing times, companies need to work together: No longer competition, but collaboration. Increasing numbers of European companies are becoming partners in technology and manufacturing methods. In this scenario, it is crucial to find the right contacts, with whom serious, stable collaborative relations can be established. To create a business partnership, companies need help to deal with the change, to understand how to act in the sector.

MC Engineering & Consulting provides foreign companies – predominantly Russian – with a service which seeks out potential businesses to buy in Europe and supports them during negotiations and the eventual management of the business. This is done by drawing on a network of colleagues and partner companies of proven reliability.

The joint venture is a particular type of collaboration which requires the participants to adopt a formal structure, a new body which is legally separate and has its own capital.

How does it work? Once the ‘interesting’ business had been identified, a process of due diligence is carried out: technical (an assessment of competence by means of a process of investigation and a survey of data and requirements), commercial (evaluation of the firm and its sales structure on the market), economic and financial to calculate price, risk and potential, negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract and put in place appropriate measures for guarantee, indemnity or compensation.

It is important to have knowledge of the market, the firm’s ability to network, its capacity for analysis and mediation and its ability to identify potential.

These essential operations are followed by negotiation, the drafting of purchase plans and the associated consideration of management recruitment and organisation.

MC Engineering & Consulting combines the Italian entrepreneurial spirit with a knowledge of laws and procedures in force in emerging countries.

Specifically, the firm:

  • Finds reliable Russian partners for European companies wishing to set up businesses or production facilities in Russia.
  • Finds reliable European partners for Russian companies wishing to set up joint ventures in Russia or in Europe for various purposes and technologies.
  • Offers support in the management and organisation of the leadership team through the selection of qualified staff.
  • Guarantees compliance with the laws and regulations of the respective countries.
  • Prepares contracts to protect the rights and responsibilities of each parts in the project.
  • Provides legal support in the event of business disputes.

What are the benefits to the firm of finding a partner?

The main benefit is that you acquire a business with a strong potential for growth and development or technology which would require enormous investment of time and money if acquired independently.

In fact, acquiring a partner with specific technology already in place is advantageous in terms of costs, reduces the time needed to meet objectives and also brings new markets (buying a business means acquiring its customerele as well as its technology).

MC’s expertise, structure
and managerial capacity allows us to

support any industrial project from conception to financial and legal sustainability, from administration to creation and distribution.

We make worlds possible where they seem impossible.

How about you, are you ready to be surprised ?

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