Set-up of a commercial, logistics or manufacturing operation in Russia for European companies

This service is geared to European companies which need support and technical/commercial advice in order to expand into the Russian market. MC Engineering & Consulting provides advice for European companies wishing to set up commercial logistics, service or manufacturing operations in Russia or former Soviet Union countries.

MC Engineering & Consulting is the right choice because of:

  • More than a decade working in the Russian market.
  • A flexible structure that allows us to create solutions where there are none previously in existence.
  • Our financial, engineering and administrative expertise.
  • Our mindset geared to new goods and services and their endless possibilities.
  • MC Engineering & Consulting oversees and administers ALS Engineering, which has operated in Russia (St Petersburg) since 2005 as an associate consultancy, offering support and modernisation of technological processes and manufacturing and after-sales advice in the industrial and marine sectors. ALS has offices and a warehouse on site and can supply spare parts and assistance rapidly and securely to partners who place their trust in MC Engineering and Consulting.

Specifically, the firm:

  • Sets up a commercial structure in Russia on behalf of a European firm.
  • Takes care of logistics in Russia on behalf of a European firm.
  • Implements the business of an operation in Russia.
  • Provides support for the set-up of a manufacturing operation, including by means of partnership.
  • Finds an appropriate Russian partner for an Italian or European firm, or creates its own brand in Russia.

What are the benefits to the firm of finding a partner?

The advantage for a European firm is to have the complete support of an engineering firm that has perfect knowledge of the Russian market, has worked there for many years and can operate with an awareness of the characteristic peculiarities of a market different from the European one, with its logistics, administrative procedures and permits, and its demands in terms of staff.

MC’s expertise, structure
and managerial capacity allows us to

support any industrial project from conception to financial and legal sustainability, from administration to creation and distribution.

We make worlds possible where they seem impossible.

How about you, are you ready to be surprised ?

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