Trade in technology

The trade in technology service is the trade in customised plant and machinery: trialling, creating prototypes, intuiting and exploring the potential of technological innovation in the field of industrial automation, from the starting point of MC’s expertise and the customer’s needs.

MC Engineering & Consulting’s aim is to allow customers to use strategies, technologies and methods to support various manufacturing difficulties by drawing on new ideas and projects conceived and developed specifically for them.

MC responds to the concept of innovation by creating new opportunities in terms of ideas, tools and services and by bringing together necessity and professionalism. These are ‘niche’ technologies which bring together the product – alternators or machinery for metal processing – with the needs of individual customers and specific projects. Technical customisation of products is carried out on the basis of the customer’s needs. This allows the firm to possess advanced technologies, which increase its prestige and competitiveness.

In past years, MC Engineering and Consulting has developed projects in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, supplying plant and machinery:

  • For the energy sector (transformers, motors and electric generators).
  • For aluminium casting (components for vehicles, household appliances, lighting and petrochemicals).
  • For the plastics sector (technological polymers).
  • For specific metal processes.
  • For basic commodities (e.g. professional beauty products).

With the trade in technology service, we supply:

  • ‘Turnkey’ technologies and plant for the manufacture of oil-insulated distribution transformers, resin-insulated and dry distribution transformers, motors, generators and high, medium and low-voltage equipment.
  • Import of alternators/generators to Russia.
  • Plant and equipment for metal processing: Spinning (Rotative Machine), Flow forming, Shear forming, Necking-in, Rotary forging, Wheel reel forming, Pulley forming, Trimming – Beading, Bending, Cutting, Roll bending, Automatic Welding etc.
  • Complete stations for die-casting, low-pressure casting and gravity die-casting aluminium.
  • Multi-cavity moulds for die-casting, high-performance and durable for specific shapes used in the automotive, lighting, mechanical and electromechanical sectors.
  • Technical assistance, with original spares and specialist staff for installation, repair and maintenance, ensuring efficient after-sales service.
  • Industrial lubricant oils and process fluids for the aluminium sector.
  • Accessories and components for transformers (insulators, switches, Buchholz relays, safety valves, complete cores and laminations, transformer cases).

Every item supplied is covered by guarantee. Where necessary it is possible to operate in Russia with European certification for products or technology, or to obtain the required permits.

We provide training on all the plant we supply.

What are the advantages for the company of find a partner?

The advantage for a company is to discover that there are technologies that, if customized, can allow them to reach their goals and achieve market success.

Therefore, placing your trust in MC Engineering & Consulting or ALS Engineering ( allows the customer to obtain advanced technologies made in Europe to their technical specifications and to have partner in negotiations who can oversee the contract and the start-up of production, take care of logistics and guarantee the technology.

This also ensures the customer a certain continuity in orders, thanks to the reliability and presence of MC Engineering & Consulting and its associated company in both the relevant markets.

Every item supplied is covered by guarantee. Where necessary it is possible to operate in Russia with European certification for products or technology, or to obtain the required permits.

Training on the plants and technologies we supply is an important aspect of our work, and is meticulously overseen by MC Engineering & Consulting.

MC’s expertise, structure
and managerial capacity allows us to

support any industrial project from conception to financial and legal sustainability, from administration to creation and distribution.

We make worlds possible where they seem impossible.

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